Mouse Pest Control

Mouse traps and rodent control

Pests such as fleas and ants are a pain, but mice are bothersome pests, contaminating food, destroying crops and spreading diseases such as salmonella. Disease is spread through mouse feces and through the parasites they carry. Luckily, mice are relatively easy to keep at bay through mouse pest control and mouse extermination.

Mouse Control

The first step to mouse control is to take preventative measures. Mice make themselves known in a home in a fairly obvious way, by leaving droppings or gnaw-marks on moldings. Another sign is a nest made up of paper and fabric shreds. The best way to practice preventative mouse pest control is to keep a sanitary home. A very clean home is free of places for mice to create nests and it will lack an available food source for them. A clean home does not completely prevent an issue with mice, but a dirty home is an invitation for infestation.

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If there are only a few mice in your home, trapping is the best option to consider. There are two options when deciding which type of trap to buy. You can use a common and inexpensive snap trap which inevitably kills the mouse. The other option, which is a bit more humane, is a live trap. A live trap does not need to be set and can catch quite a few mice at a time.

Mouse Extermination

If your infestation isn't so small, it may be time to consider mouse extermination as a form of rodent pest control. A common way to do this is through baiting. The mouse is baited with food mixed with a rodenticide. The rodenticide can be an anti-coagulant or a single-dose toxin. The anti-coagulant causes internal bleeding, but takes a few days to actually kill the mouse. It may take several weeks of replacing the bait to solve the problem. Single-dose toxins like zinc-phosphide will kill the mouse within a few hours.

Other Rodent Pest Control

Rat extermination can be achieved in the same manner as mice. Limit their chances at finding food and use traps or bait to exterminate them. Squirrel pest control is a bit different. Make sure to limit their food sources and use gutter guards to prevent them from getting into your attic. A good way to rid your attic of squirrels is to use live traps and relocate them five miles away; they won't be able to find their way back to your home.

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The down-side of extermination is that the mouse eats the poison, escapes into a wall or other inaccessible spot, then dies and rots. The odor of a rotting mouse is disgusting and lingers for weeks even after finding the dead creature.
Posted on 2/22/2016 6:17:00 PM by Anonymous
ladyquesteur, July 20, 2013 at 3:24 pm It would be possible yes, but depending on the cat… and the human involved. A cat could be “convinced” not to hunt certain animals, such as particular pets, though it may not carry over to other creatures, but I doubt even with the most dedicated training could make a cat interfere in another cat’s hunting.Due to their extreme independent nature, many people do not think you can train a cat… and very few humans have the time or patience to be diligent enough to be effective, but it is possible to communicate your demands so that the cat MAY decide to appease you.My case in point:I had taken in a stray that was about a year old, actually he adopted me… I brought him to my small farmstead and he stayed as an indoor/outdoor pet. Since he had been hunting to survive, he kept bringing small birds to the house even though he was now well fed. I convinced him not to bring them in the house, but did not try to deter his hunting until my chickens and ducks started breeding. Once the chicks went ranging, I caught him in the act 3 times… each time I would pick him up by the nape, take the chick from him, raise the volume in his face and rattle him. I made him very uncomfortable and since it was a very unusual and intense correction, it was memorable. I am always gentle and loving with my animals, but his discipline had to be swift and in contrast to the norm. I communicated that they were MY chicks, and the pens were OUT of bounds. The last time I also tossed him in the duck pond to show him “consequences”. I lost only the first chick and he never entered the pens or harassed them again… though he would still sit on his ledge and watch intently. He still brought sparrows back from his hunts, but it was obvious he could discern the difference. Though the hunting instinct is stronger in some cats more than others, as is their sense of “regard’ for you, you could realistically try to instill a behavior.If you just don’t want your cat hunting wild mice, then you’ll need to rid the area of mice if possible, or better yet don’t allow your cat to stray… indoor cats are just as happy as you make them, they are healthier and safer too.Though I work mostly with dogs, fundamental training concepts do work with other animals… generous reward, respectful correction , and appropriate consequence. Pick your battles carefully however, as the bond is tenuous, so a cat could very easily snub you.ADDED: It is very easy to accustom a young cat and rodent (I highly recommend a female rat instead of a mouse) to each other as pets. Do separate them while unsupervised, but they need close interaction to bond… the cat needs to make the connection to be safe. Let them become friends with you being the Guardian of both. I have taken older animals and conditioned them to be tolerant of each other, but two young animals brought up together is by far the easiest route to take. Have fun. cheap nj car insurance
Posted on 10/14/2013 5:36:00 AM by Anonymous
oh, catch the mice in a safe trap that dosent kill it, and reaelse it so it dosent have to die, its not killing you, no reason to kill it (-: oh and put peanut butter on the non-leathel trap, mice love peanut butter! or keep the mice as a pet.
Posted on 9/19/2013 10:20:00 AM by Anonymous
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Posted on 9/17/2013 3:48:00 AM by Anonymous