Home Pest Control

How to control household pests

Pests can be bothersome, as they can damage your home and possibly even harm family members. Whether you're dealing with rodents or insects, there are many home pest control options available. Choosing the right one will depend on the type of pest, the size of the infestation and whether you have pets or children to consider.

Insect Control

While we may be severely outnumbered by the bug population, few of us will tolerate them in our homes. Insects such as flies and mosquitoes are more annoying than harmful and can often be dealt with using either a fly swatter or fly traps. Cockroaches, ants, termites, wasps and bees, however, pose a more serious threat. For small to moderate infestations, consumer-oriented ant control or cockroach control products can solve the problem, as long as they are used correctly. These bugs need to be controlled since they can damage your home and potentially harm family members through stings, bites or—in the case of the cockroach—by spreading disease.

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Rodent Control

Another unwelcome guest in any home is the mouse or its larger cousin, the rat. Rodents tend to be shy and avoid direct contact with humans; they are often first detected by the droppings they leave behind. There are a variety of mouse control products available on the market that can help erase the problem. These range from non-lethal traps to the traditional spring-loaded mouse trap. Speed is of the essence when dealing with mice; a single female mouse can have a litter of five or six babies within three weeks of mating and up to 10 litters in a single year.

Safe Home Pest Control

While getting rid of the pests in your home is of prime importance, it also needs to be handled in a safe manner. Take some extra time to find safe home pest control solutions to reduce the risk of children or pets being harmed in the process of removing the vermin. There are pest control home remedies such as using mint or soap to scare off mice (they dislike certain strong smells) or electronic pest control devices that won't contaminate your home while dealing with the pests.

The most effective pest control products may in fact be your vacuum, broom, mop and cleaning products, because pests thrive on the availability of food. Keeping a clean home, putting food and garbage in hard plastic containers and eliminating clutter where pests can safely hide are great ways to prevent a pest control problem from even starting.

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