Garden Pest Control

What you can do to control garden pests

A garden is a lovely addition to any yard and a great way to bring a little bit of nature to your home. Unfortunately, gardens can also attract unwanted nature. Insects are the most common garden pests, but skunks, bats and other animals can also be a problem. Even cute and cuddly creatures like rabbits and deer can be a nuisance when they eat the flowers, plants and vegetables you've worked so hard to grow. Controlling and removing garden pests will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Insect Control

Bugs are inevitable in a garden. Some, such as aphids, are destructive to the actual plants, while others, like mosquitoes, are just an annoyance. Either way, insects can reduce the amount of enjoyment you take in your garden.

Pesticides and insecticides are the most common forms of garden pest control. These chemicals are safe to the plants but deadly to the bugs that are drawn to them. Unfortunately, these chemicals can also be harmful to people, and many concerns have been raised regarding soil and water contamination as a result of their use. In response to these concerns, many homeowners are now seeking alternative means of pest control, including organic pesticides and electronic pest control.

Pest Removal

Larger animals, such as skunks, bats, rabbits and deer, can be controlled by fences, but if these fail, you will likely have to contact a professional pest removal company. Skunks often make their homes under porches and decks, greatly reducing the amount of pleasure homeowners take in their outdoor spaces. Skunk removal is best done by a professional. Bats tend to live in colonies and often take up in attics. Because they can carry diseases, bats are also best removed by a professional bat removal service.

Other pests, such as rabbits, can be caught using animal traps and then released somewhere away from the property. Many municipalities have regulations regarding the capture and removal of wild animals, so make sure that you are familiar with these before you attempt to remove a pest yourself. In general, due to the hassle and risks, it's well worth hiring a professional to remove your problem pest.

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