Carpet Cleaning

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One of the most expensive investments a homeowner will face is upgrading or replacing carpeting. To delay or avoid these hefty costs, it's best to use reliable carpet cleaning practices to extend the life of the carpet. Taking preventative measures to avoid tracking dirt and debris onto the carpet and knowing how to remove stains are the keys to successful carpet maintenance.

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All About Carpet Cleaning

It is important to remove stains quickly and completely to avoid permanent damage. Using the proper cleaning products and following accepted carpet cleaning practices will help you avoid expensive carpet replacements. Much of the maintenance can be performed on your own, without hiring professional carpet cleaners. Ordinary household equipment – a good vacuum cleaner, basic carpet cleaning products such as stain removers and clean sponges and towels are all you'll need.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Prevention is one of the most essential carpet cleaning tips to keep in the forefront of your mind. Keeping mats outside the house and just inside the door prevents dirt from being tracked onto the rug. Make sure that the mats are regularly cleaned or replaced, especially during wet weather.

Here's a quick carpet cleaning how to. Should a stain occur, tending to it quickly can prevent permanent damage. Use a clean sponge to soak the soiled area while taking care to avoid rough scrubbing. A selection of stain removing products for different applications will also come in handy. For example, multi-purpose cleaners and products formulated to work on red wine or pet accidents should be applied sparingly but quickly. Then, place a clean towel over the area until it is completely dry. Once dry, the carpeting should be vacuumed to remove loose leftover dirt and debris.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Eventually, even the most carefully kept rug will need a full carpet cleaning. Finding a reliable service that knows how to clean carpet stains of all sorts will help you save time and money. A professional service that uses steam cleaning techniques can advise you on the best carpet cleaning stain removal methods. Look for businesses that have invested in heavy-duty equipment.

Also, ask the service you're considering about the specific process they use, and about any risks and benefits to the life of the carpeting. Also check to see if they offer assistance moving furniture and how long drying takes in addition to asking about costs. Compare the processes and costs of several businesses before selecting a professional carpet cleaner.

The key to rug cleaning or protecting your carpet is to prevent damage before it happens, use the proper cleaning methods when it does and hire professional help when it's needed.

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from spot cleaning the carpet I now have white spots on the carpet - help
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The red cordoury dog bed has left a red dye stain on my white carpet. How do I proceed to remove this unsightly stain?
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