Brick Cleaning

Exterior and interior brick cleaning tips

If your home's exterior or interior features brickwork, it's important that you take the time to clean your masonry in order to maintain its look and keep your home's value at its highest. Brick cleaning can be performed on your own or with the help of a specially trained professional; routine brick washing is a fairly straightforward task that you can probably handle yourself, but if you've been neglecting your bricks, or if your masonry has become heavily soiled, then calling in a pro may well prove to be worth the extra investment.

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DIY Brick Cleaning Tips and Techniques

Before cleaning bricks, make sure you have all the proper cleansing products and safety gear. Some brick cleaners are corrosive and hazardous to your skin, so be sure to wear thick, industrial-strength rubber gloves when performing this task.

Begin cleaning brick walls by using a high-pressure hose to spray away any caked-on dirt or debris. This simple preparatory task can save you untold hours of labor, and in many cases, it's well worth the pressure washer rental to get a head start on the cleaning. Professionals also stress that it's important for your bricks to be water-saturated when applying a cleansing solution, as using cleansers on dry brick can make it very difficult or impossible to rinse the bricks clean.

Also, be sure to try out your cleaning solution on a test panel to make sure it doesn't stain or otherwise alter the appearance of your bricks. Pay close attention to the ratio of the cleanser and water, ensuring its accuracy to avoid damaging your brickwork.

Brick fireplace cleaning is also an important home maintenance task. Mantle bricks can be cleaned using specialized solutions, or with everyday mixtures of table salt, dish soap and water.

When to Call a Brick Cleaning Professional

If your bricks are heavily soiled, either inside or outside your home, or if you aren't comfortable with ladders or scaffolding, you may prefer to call in a professional to clean your bricks. Well-maintained bricks add a great deal to your home's curb appeal, and that alone can significantly boost its resale value, making your investment in professional brick cleaning well worth your while.

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