Junk Removal

Getting rid of your garbage

Everybody's got junk. Whether it's a small bag of kitchen scraps or a worn-out sofa, there's always something we need to get rid of. Once simply a matter of leaving your garbage piled at the curb, junk removal has become more complicated as concerns over the environment and land use have grown. Today, there are two main sources of junk removal: municipal garbage collection and private removal companies.

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Municipal Garbage Collection

The term "municipal garbage collection" refers to community owned or leased equipment and the employment of the necessary personnel to operate it. Typically, this represents the most cost effective and convenient method available to consumers. But this form of collection and disposal does have its faults. For example, fees for such services are generally nonnegotiable because the cost is usually passed along in the form of taxes.

Another issue to consider is that regulations attached to the use of municipal disposal are typically far more rigid than those of privately operated garbage collection companies. For instance, private companies will usually negotiate the removal of almost anything, while municipal services typically require that consumers separate recyclables, exclude large items and toxic materials, and limit their waste to a certain number of containers.

Many municipally operated removal services include occasional "heavy pickup" days when larger items can be disposed of, and some even provide for toxic and electronic waste collection. However, these may not be adequate to meet the needs of certain consumers, and in those cases, professional junk removal provides an alternative.

Junk Removal Companies

If you find municipal disposal services inadequate, it would be best to consult a privately owned waste disposal firm. Such firms offer varied services at varied prices. Do-it-yourself removal companies rent receptacles but leave all of the heavy lifting to you. Most include pickup and disposal as part of the package, but others charge extra for these services. Full-service companies will haul your junk for you. Some require that you sort it previously, but others will include this as part of the service.

Finding the right junk removal company for your needs might take some research. There are companies that specialize in large items, toxic or hazardous waste and electronic waste, as well as those specifically geared to either residential or commercial junk removal. Once you've found the right type of company, compare prices and services to find the one that is best for you.

Even though junk removal may seem pretty straightforward, it's always a good idea to hire an experienced company to handle the job. First, with experience comes efficiency, and if you're going to pay for junk removal, you'll want it removed promptly and completely. Depending on the item or substance you need to get rid of, there is also some potential for injury or damage -- to you and your home as well as the people handling the removal. Finally, where the junk winds up should also be a concern, and a professional company with knowledge of wider disposal rules and opportunities will be better able to dispose of it responsibly. After all, your junk shouldn't burden you, your neighbors or the environment more than is necessary.

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