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Everybody has to do laundry, and finding the laundry soap that works best for you depends on the type of soiling that occurs. For example, people who live on farms have different demands from their laundry detergents than people with office jobs who hardly ever break a sweat.

Laundry Soap Options

All laundry detergents contain surfactants that lift soil from the clothing. The suds that these laundry soaps create are basically cosmetic. Smart marketing people way back when started to realize that people wanted to see some kind of sign that there was something happening in the water to which the soaps were added to judge their effectiveness. You can use powder soaps or liquid soaps. People who have very hard water might want to consider the liquid soaps because they are more readily mixed in hard water than in soft water.

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High Efficiency Laundry Detergent

Two products have been rated as high strength laundry soap. The first is Tide laundry detergent, and the other is Gain laundry detergent. These detergents come in both powders and liquids, and they work well for families who have lots of grease, stains and grime in their weekly laundry. Tide and Gain work in both hard and soft water, but if you have skin sensitivities to laundry soap, they may be too harsh for you. You might have to try different amounts of these soaps to find the right balance for your skin.

Finding the Best Laundry Detergent

Once you have evaluated what detergent strength you need for your typical wash load, you can experiment with different ways of using it. For example, some detergents work well with boosters, like washing soda. You might find that you can cut back on the amount of soap that you use by using washing soda. This works for those with sensitive skin.

While conventional detergents can handle tough jobs efficiently, there are other elements to consider when choosing a laundry soap. Many people are happy to sacrifice some cleaning power for a detergent that's gentler on the environment and the body. Chlorine bleach, petrochemicals, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and brighteners are some of the most harmful ingredients in detergents; look for natural whiteners, surfactant alternatives and natural fragrances if you're concerned about detergent byproducts and their damaging effects.

Some people will completely eliminate the detergent in a load of clothes once a month or so to wash the laundry soap residues out completely. If your clothes are not seriously soiled, this might make sense to give your skin a break, or to cut down on your consumption of detergent. Finding the best laundry detergent will depend on your budget, your skin type and the amount of dirt in your clothing.

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