Cleaning Supplies

Supplies to clean your home

Short of hiring a full-time maid, there's no way to avoid cleaning your home. But with the right tools and supplies, cleaning house can be made faster and easier. With space at a premium, you don't need a bunch of cleaning products and tools crowding your closets. Selecting the right tools and multi-purpose cleaners will help you work faster and cut down on your storage space.

Household Cleaners

There is no universal household cleaning product. Due to the different materials used in their construction, different elements of your home require different cleaning products. You can't use the same product on wooden furniture that you would on ceramic sinks and tubs.

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Windows are pretty universal, regardless of the room they're in, so the only decision when it comes to window cleaners is between natural and chemical cleaners. Whichever you choose, you'll want to make sure that the solution leaves your window streak-free without a lot of elbow grease. Most window cleaners are general purpose glass cleaners, so they can be used on mirrors and other glass surfaces, too.

Floor cleaners require a bit more thought because they vary according to the flooring material. In general, you will need one cleaner for hardwood flooring and another for linoleum or tile flooring. Specialty flooring materials such as stone or marble may require yet another floor cleaner. Hardwood floor cleaners contain ingredients to nourish and protect wood. Cleaners for tile or linoleum floors may be slightly more abrasive and tend to include ingredients for added shine.

Some bathroom cleaners – those for sinks, tubs and counters – can also be used on similar surfaces in the kitchen and laundry room. In addition to this multi-purpose cleaner, you will want a toilet bowl cleaner, and you might also consider a shower or tub spray to prevent mildew.

Other Cleaning Supplies

In addition to the physical structures of your home, you have to clean certain possessions in it. Laundry detergent is a staple for cleaning clothing and linens, and a furniture and electronics cleaner helps keep your home dust-free. You might also consider a jewelry cleaner for polishing earrings, rings and watches. Silver polish can be used on silver jewelry, but can also shine silverware and other silver fixtures.

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looking for large lint rollers
Posted on 5/2/2012 4:55:00 PM by Anonymous
I am looking for a cleaner made of a putty like substance that is rubbed against the surface to be cleaned, and then worked like taffy, to obtain a clean surface for the next rubbing. It cleaned a smoth ceiling without the use of water.
Posted on 11/17/2011 10:45:00 AM by Anonymous