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Steam carpet cleaning made easy

Today, people are more aware than ever about the potential health hazards associated with chemical-based household cleaning products, and it's one of the reasons carpet steamers have become more popular than ever. Carpet steam cleaners use only water vapor to deep-clean rugs and carpeting, without the need for any shampoos or other synthetic or chemical-based cleaners. Best of all, carpet steamer cleaners offer one of the fastest, most efficient and most effective ways to deep-clean a carpet and get it looking like new again.

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How Steam Carpet Cleaners Work

Steam carpet cleaning is based on the principle of high-pressure hot water extraction. This essentially means that concentrations of hot water are blasted into your carpet fibers at extremely high pressures, which in turn loosen, trap and rinse away dirt, dust, stains and residues which have built up in the carpet fibers over time. While some operate on steam alone, others combine steam with alkaline substances and micro-applied detergents to enhance their effectiveness.

After using carpet steamers, you will have to avoid walking on the treated surface until it dries, which can take up to an hour or more. The drying process can be hastened by using fans to circulate air and promote the evaporation of the moisture trapped in the carpet fibers.

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There are two basic types of steam cleaners designed for home use:

  • Hot and dry steam carpet cleaners. This type of steam carpet cleaner heats evaporated water to an extremely high temperature, then applies it in highly pressurized blasts into carpet fibers. The end result is carpet cleaning that is as easy and effective as it is dry -- these systems greatly reduce or even eliminate the usual drying times associated with steam carpet cleaning.
  • Cool and humid steam carpet cleaners. These steam cleaners don't create steam that's nearly as hot, creating a gentler cleansing action which works nicely on thick, luxurious or delicate fabrics but requires drying time. Another disadvantage of cool and humid steam cleaners is that the drying action releases moisture into the air, which can raise indoor humidity levels and worsen the symptoms of any allergy sufferers in the household.

You can also get handheld steam carpet cleaners designed for spot use. These are perfect for cleaning your car's carpeting, and can also come in handy if you need to mop up a stain or spill promptly in a localized area of your carpet.

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We have had extremely good results over and over with the Bissell ProX Steam Carpet cleaner. The carpet is dry in no time. Cost is less than ONE professional cleaning.
Posted on 10/6/2011 5:35:00 PM by Anonymous