Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning tools and equipment

In order to keep your home clean and comfortable, you'll need the right cleaning equipment. This means not only a variety of cleaners for your home's surfaces but also a number of machines and devices to help you get the job done.

Some cleaning equipment is used on a regular enough basis that it's worth purchasing. For example, vacuums are pretty much essential cleaning tools, and most households also have washing machines. Other cleaning equipment, however, is used so little that most people simply rent it when it's required. Some examples of such equipment are steam cleaners and other carpet cleaning equipment (e.g., shampooers).

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Perhaps the single most useful household cleaning tool is the pressure washer. Pressure washers can be used to clean driveways, decks, gutters, cars and much more. A pressure washer can be a particularly useful piece of window cleaning equipment, especially for those high-up, hard-to-reach outdoor windows.

As the name suggests, a pressure washer uses water under high pressure to create force, removing tough dirt and grime without a lot of scrubbing. You have to be careful when using a pressure washer on painted or treated services, though, as too much pressure can actually strip the paint or sealant.

Air Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning the surfaces of your home is important, but many contaminants can remain in the air. Dust, pet dander, smoke, chemicals and odors can make the air in your home unpleasant and, more importantly, unhealthy. Therefore, a truly clean home includes clean air.

Air purifiers range from expensive whole-home units to relatively inexpensive tabletop units. There are a variety of methods for cleaning the air, from static electricity to HEPA filters. Which you choose will depend on the type of contaminants you are trying to remove and how contaminated the air is. Smokers and pet owners will want a stronger air purifier, as will someone with allergies.

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