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Of all the cleaners and cleansers in your household, laundry detergent ranks near the top of the list in frequency of use. Given how much money the average household spends on laundry each year, finding the best value among the many laundry detergent brands on the market is of paramount importance. Also, you should keep in mind that using the best laundry detergent for a given job may require you to keep more than one product on hand. Some laundry detergent brands are uniquely formulated for use in cold water or hot water, for example; some protect and even enhance colors, while others use added bleach to get whites their whitest.

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A Comparison of the Best Laundry Detergent Brands

Here's a closer look at what you can expect from the best-selling laundry detergent brands on the market:

  • Tide. While there are many different varieties of Tide laundry detergent on the market, including everything from stain treatments and fabric softeners to color-safe bleaches and pre-treaters, regular Tide is one of the most versatile products on the market. You can use it to pre-soak clothes, treat stains and wash even the most delicate fabrics gently yet effectively.
  • Gain. Manufactured by Proctor & Gamble, Gain laundry detergent comes in ultra-concentrated formulations to deliver more cleaning power in a smaller package. Also, Gain Joyful Expressions is one of the best-reviewed laundry detergents on the market because of its delightful and lasting fresh scent.
  • Cheer. Marketed as a color-protecting product, Cheer laundry detergent is available in special cold-water and hot-water formulations, helping you gently remove difficult stains while increasing the lifespan of your favorite clothes.
  • All. One of All laundry detergent's most successful brands is the All Small and Mighty formulation. This detergent is used in extremely concentrated doses, helping you stretch your laundry budget to the max.
  • Purex. For pure versatility, Purex Complete 3-in-1 is hard to beat. This detergent comes in sheets with three layers: a detergent, a fabric softener and an anti-static layer. Simply put one in the wash and let it work its magic.

Recommended Laundry Detergent Brands

  • Best multipurpose laundry detergent: Purex Complete 3-in-1
  • Best detergent for protecting colors: Cheer
  • Best detergent with bleach for whites: Tide with Bleach
  • Best concentrated laundry detergent: All Small and Mighty
  • Best all-purpose laundry detergent: Tide
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